Diva Dogs Day Spa

Climate Controlled Boarding

Boarding Do's and Don'ts


Do book your stay as early as possible. We are a boutique styled boarding facility and we keep a smaller number of dogs than most places.

Do bring a copy of your shot record or email it to us at info@divadogsdayspa.com

Do bring your dog's regular treats. This means treats he has enjoyed in the past without allergies or tummy trouble.

Do bring your dog's medications.

Do ensure that your dog is on a flea preventative.


Don't bring the following:

  • Bowls
  • Beds/Bedding
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Squeaking Toys
Don't change your dog's regular food before a planned boarding stay or send a new brand of food for his boarding stay.

Many times people feel “guilty” for leaving their Furry Kid behind, so they compensate by buying the Pup some yummy new food and/or new treats. If you switch your dog's regular brand of food for his boarding stay, he is going to most likely end up with terrible potty problems (diarrhea). This is going to make his stay unpleasant for him and expensive for you if he soils his suite and then needs a bath(s). Changing a dog's brand of food should be done gradually over a period of weeks.

Don't send new treats that your dog has not had many times previously.

Don't make a scene when your dropping off your dog.

Don't get all emotional at the drop off.

Your dog will feed off of your emotions and will become very anxious. It's best to just drop him with a quick hug or kiss and a few soft words. Remember, do not linger with a long goodbye, you will only upset your pet.

two dogs wearing sunglasses

two dogs wearing sunglasses

two dogs wearing sunglasses