Diva Dogs Day Spa

About Us

Jen . . . Owner/Pet Stylist

Co-owner with my husband David of Diva Dogs Day Spa L.L.C. for 11 years and professionally grooming for over 15 years, and a 2005 honors graduate from Coastal Carolina University. Educating clients is my #1 goal. Webinars and continuing education classes allow me to focus on the overall well being of your Pet. Everything from skin and hair, oral hygiene, Diet and Nutrition to Color, Spas, Style and Haircut. We cover it all so that your pet lives a Happy Healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that you and your Pet are NOT just another face, but family. Your fur baby has always been a Diva, so, now let me pamper them like they should be pampered.


  • National Association of Professional Creative Groomers
  • National Dog Groomers Association
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Samantha . . . Pet Stylist

I have been grooming for 5 years, having taken continuing education classes in Zoology and Animal Ecology to gain a better understanding of animal anatomy and behavior. It's important to always stay fresh and up to date in our industry, to better serve the needs of our furry clients. My specialization is in the larger breeds, particularly any type of Doodle. I currently have 2 Pitt bulls, Diamond and Tyra, a Doberman named Fossil, and 2 cats, Milo and Lily.