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Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Please call to schedule your appointment. We may be able to take you the same day.

Appointments benefit us, you and your dog. By setting an appointment, we are able to match your dog by it's breed and needs to a Stylist who is best suited to groom your particular breed of dog.


It is important to understand how a grooming appointment works. When you make an appointment to see your lawyer at 9:00 am, you show up a bit early, and then your in his office at 9:00am. Then you conduct your business. The attorney only sees one client at a time and usually for a set amount of time; an hour for example. They usually tell you ahead of time that your attorney can meet with you from 9:00am-10:00am. At about 9:55 am, one of his staff will walk in to announce his next appointment is waiting and your attorney wraps it up quickly and your shown the door with a handshake and a smile. That's not how a grooming appointment works (at Diva Dogs Day Spa).

Most groomer's do “Batch” appointments. This means when your appointment is set at 9:00am your dog is put into a Batch of 3-4 dogs all for the same groomer. So at 9:00, your Fluffy is not the only dog your groomer is working on. Of those other three dogs, one may be a Poodle, the other a Shih-Tzu, another may be a Schnauzer. Now, add in your breed to the Batch.

All of these breeds have different coat types, require different types of grooming preparation prior to the bath and then different types of bathing techniques and products. They all require different types of drying techniques too. Some dogs are so different to work on it's like the difference between working on an old Chevy truck as to working on a Stealth Fighter Jet!

Groomers need to have several dogs come in at the same time so while they are working on one dog, another is being dried and a bather may be washing your dog or doing it's nails.

We never know what shape the dogs will be in when they arrive. So it is difficult to tell you when your dog will be ready. If you try to box your groomer in with time constraints that is going to cause the groomer to stress, your dog will feed off of her stress and that is setting up for an accident to happen.

Please choose a day to book a grooming appointment when you have no hard time constraints. We can Not guarantee exact pick up times. It's just the nature of this business. We are working with living beings who all have different temperaments, wants and needs. Our day in the grooming salon is as unpredictable as the Power Ball numbers. We never know exactly what the day will be like; there are just too many variables.

dog at day spa with cucumbers

dog at day spa under hair dryer

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