Diva Dogs Day Spa



All dogs MUST be current on vaccinations. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Rabies: Yearly or every 3 years
  • DHLPP: Yearly
  • Bordetella: Yearly

Hours of Operation


  • Tuesday-Saturday: 8am-close
  • Sundays: By appointment only

Boarding: Drop off and Pick-up

  • Tuesday-Saturday: 8am-close
  • Sunday: 10am OR 5pm (only two check-in/out times available on Sundays)


  • Tuesday-Saturday: 8am-close


All Dogs arriving for Day Care or Over Night Boarding MUST be on a flea preventative.

All Grooming Dogs that are inspected and have live fleas and/or flea dirt will be given a flea bath (non pesticide) at an additional charge of $10-$20 depending on severity.

***After any Flea Bath, it is recommended you follow up with a Cap Star and/or a consultation with your Vet. A Flea bath is only the beginning to ridding yourself of fleas on your pup, home, yard etc...

Pick-Up Times

Any Pickups after 5:00pm will result in a $10 late fee up to the first 10 minutes. Every minute after is $1 per minute until 5:30pm. After 5:30pm, your dog will be placed in private quarters and charged the appropriate fees for boarding.

All Groom dogs need to be picked up with in 1 hour after the groomer calls to inform you that your dog is ready to go. All voice mails apply. After 1 hour, your pup will be charged a discounted day care rate of $10 in addition to your groom price until 5:00pm. Late fees will apply after.

Check out time for all Over Night Boarders is 10:00am. After 10am and before 12:00pm, there will be a day care fee of $10 and after 12:00pm will result in another night being charged.


Payments & Returned Check Fees

We accept Cash, Local Checks, and Major Credit Cards.

Any Check that is returned, for any reason, will be charged a fee of $35 in addition to the amount of the bounced check. Repayment and Fees must be paid in full, with cash, within 3 Business days after being notified. Failure to comply will result in collections being turned over to Horry County's Worthless Check Unit.