Diva Dogs Day Spa

Grooming Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is included with grooming?

    A basic groom includes:

    Shaving the hair between the pads:

      This is beneficial because by removing the hair between the pads it inhibits the “slippery sock' effect. This will prevent your dog from slipping on the tile or hard wood flooring and help prevent torn ACLs.

    Scooping the eyes:

      This will remove excess hair that will grow between or towards the eyes. By removing this hair or fur we can help the dog see and prevent bacterial buildup which is the primary cause of eye infections.

    Clean, pluck and sanitize the ears:

      Certain breeds require this service each and every time they are groomed. Check with your Veterinarian to see if your particular breed requires this service and let us know.

    Anal Glands:

      This is a service of choice. Let us know. We do not automatically do this. This is by owner/Vet request only, although the service is included in the Base Priced Groom.

      Anal glands in a dog are a throw back to the Wolf. When you observe a dog sniffing another dog's butt? They are not actually smelling the other dog's butt. They are smelling the Anal Gland. This gland, which is inside and low in the anus of the dog, tells the other dog more information than you and I care to know....lol

      So, this is a service that if “it ain't broken? Don't fix it!" Once your groomer or Veterinarian begins to express this gland, the muscle your dog uses to express this gland atrophy. This makes the dog dependent on the Veterinarian or the Groomer to express the gland for them.

    Nail Trim and Buff (if dog is receptive to the Dremmel):

      We will do a basic nail trim and then buff off the sharp edges, if your dog is receptive to the Dremmel.

      We will always get the nails clipped!

    Sanitary Areas (Front and Back; either sex)

      We will trim the sanitary areas front for girls and boys and the rears (around the butt) on all dogs.

    Bath and Blow Out:

      All groom dogs get an amazing bath with high end dog salon products as well as a fantastic Blow Out. The Bath and Blow Out are key to a highly polished finish on a groom.

    Hair Cut:

      The hair cut is based on the age, condition, temperament, and coat condition of your dog. We strive to deliver the Award Winning Grooming we are famous for, however, you must follow our model. You are your dog”s groomer! We are your dog's Stylists!

      We will teach you how to maintain your pet and together, as a team, we will keep your pet healthy, happy and looking perpetually like a Diva Dog!

Q. Are their upgrade options?

    A. Absolutely! Here are some options; inquire about custom treatments!

    Spas (upgrade)

      Smell better, longer...up to 3 weeks longer by UPGRADING to one of our more popular spas. We include a Comfort, ReNew, Fresh, Whitening, Hypoallergenic, or Sporty Spa Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Blueberry Facial, and Aromatherapy Spray with an SPF 8.

      Medicated Soaks, Flea Baths, and Hot Oil Rinses available upon request or necessity.

    Color/Highlights (upgrade)

      Each Pet has their own personality to express and LOVE all the attention that they receive during this service and the MANY compliments after. Any color of the rainbow available and then some. Please let us know what color or colors you desire when you book this service. We can apply semi permanent or temporary color, however we do NOT bleach any pet. Whole color, Ears and Tail, or sporadic highlights throughout.

      Glitter Art, Feather Extentions, Curls and Braids also available by design and on request as an upgrade.

    Mud Wraps/Scrubs (upgrade)

      Dry Skin...Sore Muscles....Scaly Skin...skin and hair just not looking its best? Try a wrap or scrub. They are soothing, exfoliating, and a great detoxifying agent for not so perfect skin. Return a youthful glow to your pup by exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells following up with a deep moisturizer. They will look AND Feel their best.

Q. How about pedicures and teeth cleaning?

    A. Yes, we offer both of those services. Here's some information:

    Paw-dicures (upgrade)

      We offer safe nail trims, buffs/filing, and any nail color you desire. Nail Art Design available per groomer and on request when booking your appointment.

    Teeth (upgrade)

      Keep those pearly Whites...well...WHITE, and in good shape. Your Pet will recieve a tooth brushing with an enzymatic toothpaste followed by a fresh breath spray, for all those wet doggy kisses. Each Pup gets to take home their own toothbrush for routine brushing at home and then bring it back in for their next visit.