Diva Dogs Day Spa

Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Vaccines(shots) are required for my dog to board overnight at Diva Dogs?

    Your dog must be up to date with the following:

    1. A current Rabies vaccine.
    2. A current Parvo/Distemper vaccine.
    3. A current Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine within 1 year.

    NOTE: Your vet may require your dog to get this every six months.

Q. Does my dog need to be Neutered/Spayed in order to board overnight at Diva Dogs?


    All dogs should be neutered/spayed.

    NOTE: However, we will consider unaltered dogs on a case by case basis. There will be additional handling fees for unaltered dogs and no discounts of any kind apply to unaltered overnight guests. Be sure to tell the boarding manager immediately of your need to board an unaltered dog so the proper accommodations can be arranged and verified for you at the time of booking your dog's stay.

Q. What items do I bring for my pet's stay?

    Very simply, you just bring your dog, it's normal food and regularly given treats and a copy of the shot record (if not previously emailed).

Q. Food: Do you supply dog food?

    NO. We do not provide any food.

    We ask that you supply us with ample food for your dogs stay.

    You must package the dry food by the portion, in individual zip lock bags or in one clear plastic container. So, if your dog eats in the am and in the pm, you would supply two portions per day of your pet's regular brand of food.

    It is a good idea to pack some extra portions if your travel itinerary may be flexible or in case of any travel delays.

    Please be aware, once the food enters our facility, it is not returned so there is no chance of any cross contamination.

Q. Why does the dry food (kibble) have to be in zip lock bags or in a clear plastic container?

    By being in clear plastic bags we can see there is no contamination to the food. Many times people are traveling via car and stop at multiple overnight locations. Then they want to drop off an opened 50lb bag of dog food. What they don't realize is they may have picked up “critters” stowed away in the bag of food. There can be mice or bugs in the bag. We don't want anything to come into the facility other than your Fur Babies.

    For the same reason, we do not return any food once it comes into our facility.

Q. Can I bring my dog's bed/bedding to Diva Dogs.

    NO. Unfortunately, we do not allow any outside bedding to come into our facility. We do not want someone to bring in a dog bed that can be contaminated with fleas, bed bugs or other parasites and have something crawl over to your dog's bed and then you take it home with you! It's all about sanitation and hygiene when we are responsibly caring for your pet. We want your dog stay to be comfortable and return him to you as happy and healthy as when your brought him in.

    Your dog will be provided a cot or a memory foam mattress. These items are easily clean and sanitized daily as well as very comfortable for your Pup.

Q. Do I bring my dog's bowls?


    We provide all stainless steel bowls here at Diva Dogs. Now, it has been my experience that certain dogs will only eat out of “their” personal bowl. This usually happens with multi-dog homes and rescues who have been conditioned. We will make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Q. Can I bring my dog's toys.


    We do not allow any outside toys to come into the facility. Some reasons are, plush toys (stuffed animals) can harbor pests and parasites. Many toys have squeakers which can be a potential choking hazard as well as disturb other guests.

    ***We have plenty of Diva Dog approved toys on site to stimulate and entertain our guests.***

Q. How is my dog housed?

    All dogs stay in an appropriated sized boarding suite . They range from 2'x3', 4'x4' and 4'x6' in size.

    Remember, dogs are den dwelling animals, just like foxes, coyotes and wolves. A dog prefers a nice cozy space to a large wide open area, especially when in a new environment. Our boarding suites are designed and spaced so as to match the innate, natural housing needs of each individual dog.

    *See our suites in our pictures section.

Q. Is the boarding facility climate controlled?


    We maintain the appropriate temperature to keep our guests comfortable.

Q. Does my dog stay in a cage?


    Your dog will stay in an appropriate sized boarding suite to match his size and breed.

Q. I have multiple dogs. Can my dogs stay together?


    We will house your dogs together as long as they get along.

Q. Does my dog go outside to play?


    All guests get ample potty breaks and play time. We separate the dogs into groups by age, size and temperament.

    We will never mix large breed dogs in with your small dog, unless they are siblings.

Q. My dog is not socialized or is aggressive towards other dogs. Can he stay at Diva Dogs.


    There will be additional handling charges for any non-socialized dog and no discounts of any kind will be applied. This is because we need to clear the yard for solo potty breaks and play time. No dog can stay if he/she is aggressive to staff members.

Q. Will you administer my dog's medication?


Q. I will need to check-in/check-out outside of your normal business hours. Is this possible?


    With advanced notice we will make every effort to accommodate after hours check in/out. There will be a fee commensurate to the request.

Q. Are there any extra fees I can be responsible for?


    NAIL TRIM: If the dog checks in and is in dire need of a nail trim, we will video tape the condition of the nails and perform a nail trim and you will be charged. The nails can harm another dog or get your dog “hung up” by it's nail and can cause an injury your Pup.

    FLEAS: If you check in your dog and we discover fleas. Your dog must have a flea bath immediately. We will video tape the dog to show you the fleas.

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